• After logging into the GoMeyra Cloud portal, select orders. After selecting Orders, locate the printer icon at the top right. If the icon is red, select the hyperlink above and download the JSPrint Manager Software.


  • If the printer label is not aligned correctly with the label paper, follow the steps below to calibrate your printer. The calibrations steps may differ for each model of printer you are using.


  • Before you begin, ensure your IT department has installed your printer and successfully printed a test label. After the printer is installed, the print icon in the portal should turn green, but may require a page refresh.



If the print icon is not, click the icon below to go to the JSPrint Manager Download page or click the grey print icon in the portal.
Step 1

You will be redirected to the page pictured to the right.

Step 2

Choose a package for your OS

Step 3

Click Next

Step 4

Click Finish

02. Calibrate

Find Your Model

Zebra Gx420

  1. With the printer powered up, hold down the feed button
  2. Wait until you get the "two flash" sequence from the status light (the printer will first flash once, then twice).
  3. After the two-flash, release the feed button.

Zebra zp series

  1. With the printer powered up, hold down the feed button.
  2. Wait until you get the "four flash" sequence from the status light (the printer will first flash once, then twice, then three times, then four times).
  3. After the four-flash, release the feed button.

Zebra LP2844

  1. Turn off the printer power using the power switch on the back of the printer.
  2. On the printer, hold the feed button down and turn the power back on
  3. As soon as the feed button starts to blink red, release the feed button. The printer will cycle through several labels.
  4. Once it is done, press the feed button one more time to get the printer out of sleep mode.

Zebra zM400

  1. Go to Devices and Printers
  2. Select the ZM400 icon
  3. Select Printing Preferences
  4. Select the tab Advanced Setup
  5. Select Calibrate

03. Print

test your labels

Step 1

Click the Green Printer Icon

Step 2

Select Your Printer

Step 3

Select Orders in the Navigation Pain

Step 4

Select the Order from the list in the table below and then select Print Order

Step 5

Verify the Label is Centered and Clear

Step 6

Test  your different types of labels




Some of the most frequently experienced issues are listed to the right.

When you open the GoMeyra Portal, the browser automatically begins trying to discover your print devices. You might just need to give the browser a moment to finish the discovery process.

Try refreshing the page. You will have a different button to choose from depending on the browser you are using.

You might need to try a hard refresh. This is done be holding the [CTRL] key while pressing F5 on a windows system, but may vary for other Operating Systems. Search for "hard browser refresh" from your favorite search engine.